These Jobs Are Totally Remote — and They’re Accepting Applications Right Now

The realities of work are changing. Thanks to tech like Zoom, Slack, and Asana, working from home has never been easier — and with stay-at-home orders in place around the country, many workers are getting a taste of what working from home is like (albeit with the added distraction of restless family members).

Potential distractions aside, this forced shift to working from home is showing many workers and companies just how sustainable (and enjoyable) remote work can be. In lieu of your mid-afternoon watercooler break, you can do a load of laundry. Instead of cramming in a gym session before work, you can do a workout on your lunch break.

So whether you’re on the hunt for a job that offers more flexibility and a remote office culture or are so hooked on your current at-home work life that you can’t imagine going back, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to some help from the team at LinkedIn, we’ve compiled a list of jobs that are fully remote — allowing you to work from the comfort of your own home, and hopefully someday soon, a beach cabana in Mexico with a margarita butler.

Female designer working from her home office

Shining Rainbow — Program Manager / Chief Hustler

This work-from-home role with Shining Rainbow was created to help ease anxieties around school and COVID-19 by matching families with teachers who provide at-home, private education. The gig requires top-notch communication skills and plenty of hustle — even while working from your couch.

Forbes — Shopping Editor

This fully remote job is a slam dunk for applicants with an editing background who also happen to love working with products and commerce. In addition to managing sales and deals coverage, you’ll work with a team of writers in assigning and editing shopping content for one of the most well established media brands in the world.

BeatStars — Social Media Manager

BeatStars is a digital production marketplace where musical artists and producers can license and sell their material. Their mission is to help creatives around the world — and you can help get the word out by increasing brand awareness and subscriptions through the company’s social media platforms. Not bad reach for a work-from-home gig.

Hispanic Communications Network — Creative Director

With a goal of improving the quality of life for Hispanics and Latinx living in the U.S., this company is looking for a creative director who is up for directing the brand’s strategy and messaging. In addition to determining creative direction, you’ll be charged with leading and mentoring a bicultural, multidisciplinary, and bilingual team from wherever you’re based in the US.

ChowNow — Motion Graphics Designer

Bringing concepts and stories to life is at the heart of this work-from-home position. You’ll work with various departments at ChowNow to bring online ordering systems for North American restaurants to life through motion graphics.

Artist Lab, HIFI Labs — Project Manager

This position is great for people with deep connections in the music world who want to support and develop artists, their goals, and their creative vision. As the remote project manager at Artist Lab, you’ll help artists through marketing, social strategy, team building, and more.

Faith of A Mustard Seed Therapy — Licensed Professional Counselor 

In today’s world, you don’t have to be in a room with someone to help change their life. Faith of A Mustard Seed, an initiative that connects members with support groups, therapists, and counselors, is looking for a remote licensed professional counselor to provide counseling to adults, couples, and teens. You must be licensed to provide counseling by a State Board, but the impactful job can be done right from your kitchen table.

LeaseToMe — Director of Business Development

LeaseToMe is a commercial real estate leasing startup that was built to streamline the retail leasing process. In preparation of their launch, they’re looking for a director of business development with charisma and plenty of commercial leasing experience. In this at-home role, you’ll work to develop relationships with clients and help make decisions around the future of LeaseToMe.

HeyMama — VP of Strategy & Business Development

If you’ve got experience navigating relationships with multiple stakeholders — from Fortune 500 brands to startups — this remote job with HeyMama might be right up your alley. HeyMama is a membership-based alliance of working moms that provides them with support, collaborations, and connections.

The Fresh Food Group — Manager – Product Innovation

As the manager of product innovation, you’ll need a strategic mind and technical knowledge of food science to lead the team through the development of new products and put together customer presentations. The Fresh Food Group is based in Orlando, Florida, but you can clock in from anywhere on this team of people working to provide consumers and food service outlets with fresh-cut fruits and vegetables.

OpenView — Community Manager

OpenView is a venture capital firm that works with expansion-stage software companies and is supported by a team of “intelligent, innovative, creative people who strive to make a difference.” As the community manager (a fully remote job), your mission will be building community through marketing and social media efforts to establish a healthy two-way communication between the company and its audience.

Content Supply — Video Director

Content Supply is a digital video advertising agency that produces and tests video ads for clients to generate more traffic, leads, and sales. As the company’s remote video director, you’ll work with clients from the ideation to completion phase of their project while leaning on your team to solve their needs and stay on brand.

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