The 'plane cafes' in Thailand that serve airline food

Slide 1 of 8: With millions around the world stuck at home due to the pandemic, 'plane cafes' in Thailand are offering customers the chance to pretend they are in the sky - and the idea seems to have taken off.
Slide 2 of 8: At the headquarters of Thai Airways in Bangkok, pictured, diners appear to have missed plane food as they gobble up spaghetti carbonara served on plastic trays by cabin crew.
Slide 3 of 8: On board a retired commercial airplane in the coastal city of Pattaya, coffee drinkers make themselves comfy on first-class-style seats and pose for photos by the overhead lockers. The food on offer at the Thai Airways plane cafe, which also includes Thai-style beef.
Slide 4 of 8: This picture shows visitors enjoying business-class seats in a retired Airbus A330 that's been transformed into a coffee shop at an attraction site outside Pattaya in Chonburi province.

Slide 5 of 8: The bar in the repurposed Airbus A330 in Chonburi province. Plane cafes have really taken off in Thailand.
Slide 6 of 8: In the Airbus A330 cafe, customers can even pose for photographs in the cockpit, as this image shows.
Slide 7 of 8: An exterior shot of the amazing A330 cafe. Thailand was the first country outside China to detect a coronavirus case, but it has since registered a low toll.
Slide 8 of 8: For some who visit the cafe, the experience is about more than the plane meals on offer.
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