Martin Lewis warns major holiday mistake Britons should avoid this summer

Martin Lewis appeared on ITV today to share a travel warning with Britons. The Money Saving Expert cautioned that booking holidays still comes with a number of risks. It’s hoped that the UK government will change its travel advice this week and permit non-essential travel abroad.


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However, much uncertainty remains place as the Foreign Office has warned travel rules could still change if coronavirus worsens.

With this in mind, Lewis urged Britons not to book any special holidays this year.

“I would not be booking that holiday of a lifetime that’s super expensive that you’ve been saving up for and is a big whack of your cash,” said Lewis.

“If you want to book for August to go away for a week with the family somewhere relatively cheap, and you’ve checked that you’re protected – especially if you’ve got a policy that allows cancellation for free – then it’s not a bad idea.”

However, jet-setters must be aware that getting cash refunds can be very hard indeed.

Lewis said: “Let’s remember that what we’ve seen over the last few months is that when people are cancelling flights and holidays, even though they’ve got a cast-iron right to a refund, not everyone is getting refunds – travel insurance companies are playing hardball at times.

“So book a holiday, and in the back of your head say to yourself – if the worst came to the worst, could I afford to lose this money and is it worth it going on holiday? If the answer’s yes, book happily.

“If the answer’s no, then make sure all your protections in case and be careful.”

Lewis warned that life has not yet returned to normal – and it’s key to remember this.

“This is not going to be a normal summer – holidays won’t be normal, and the protections that we usually have won’t be normal either,” said Lewis.

“So, do it with caution but if you want to go away, do it.”

Martin Lewis also shared his advice when it comes to travel insurance.


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He explained that those who bought an annual policy and booked a holiday before coronavirus broke out are likely covered.

“If you have an annual travel insurance policy that you got before coronavirus started, and you booked a holiday before coronavirus started that you haven’t been on yet, that annual travel insurance should cover you if there were to be a government-based cancellation due to coronavirus as long as it did beforehand – you still get that continued,” said Lewis.

“Crucially, if you had a holiday booked before coronavirus started and you had annual travel insurance in place and that annual travel insurance is about to lapse – if you renew with the same insurer (don’t change insurer), then you should still get that continuity of cover in the eventuality of coronavirus-based cancellations in future – but only if you renew with the same company.

“It isn’t guaranteed but it should work like that according to the regulator, but I would check it out first.”

However, those who booked a holiday after mid-March are not going to get that type of cover.

“If you’ve not got travel booked and your existing annual policy is expiring, I wouldn’t bother renewing it until you know you’re going away, because you’re not going to get that continuity of cover for newly-booked holidays anyway,” said Lewis.

“So overall, the only hope of coronavirus cover for most people would be an annual travel policy that you had before coronavirus for a holiday you booked before coronavirus.”

Lewis added that some companies, including AXA, Churchill, Direct Line ad Co-op, are offering refunds for those with annual policies and recommended getting in touch to ask them for a pro-rata refund.

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