Flight secrets: easyJet cabin crew shares plane passengers’ most frustrating habits

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Flights can sometimes be tedious and infuriating for plane passengers. Cabin crew generally deal with most issues calmly – but fliers and their behaviour can prove equally irksome, even if staff don’t show it. An easyJet flight attendant has revealed some particularly grating habits.

The cabin crew member, known only as Matt and who worked for easyJet between 2016 and 2018, explained that rudeness was a big pet peeve among staff.

“Cabin Crew are human beings, they have feelings and they want you to have the best flight ever,” he told Mirror Online.

“They’re not there to be demeaned, harassed or assaulted.

“They are there for your safety and security and if you’re nice to them then they are more than likely to go out of their way to make sure you have an awesome flight.”

Matt suggested travellers make sure they greet the flight attendants and smile at them.

The crew might well be having a miserable day and some kindness can go a long way.

The former easyJet staff member also criticised travellers who are thoughtless when it comes to hand luggage.

Matt explained that a lot of time is wasted by fliers trying to fill up the overhead lockers with their coats and bags.

Therefore, he shared the best way to stash your cabin luggage.

You should put your bags in wheels first and any coats should then go on top.

On a similar note, jet-setters should make sure they’re capable of handling their own bags.

Travellers should be able to lift up their own baggage into the overhead lockers.

This is not the responsibility of the crew and if they become hurt heaving a heavy bag up, a flight delay may well follow as they might need to be replaced by a standby crew member,

Another annoying habit concerned passengers who changed babies’ nappies.

While this is unavoidable sometimes, it’s key to be careful with where you do this.

Not only might it not be sanitary for you and the baby, but any spillages could also affect others sitting nearby, said the cabin crew.

“Planes are not hygienic places,” said Matt.

Travellers should also not dump dirty nappies on cabin crew.

The flight attendant explained that most plane toilets have baby changing facilities where you can get rid of the soiled item.

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