Vacation police: Travelers posting trip photos or asking for tips risk social media wrath during pandemic

Jessica Alba loves to seek other travelers’ tips ahead of a vacation.

In mid-August, the 37-year-old Indiana woman turned to one of her favorite online forums – the Facebook travel community created by deals site Scott’s Cheap Flights – in search of updates on travel to Mexico after a long-planned Costa Rica trip fell through due to continuing coronavirus restrictions.

Her request ended with a qualifier: “Thanks in advance for any (judgement free) information you can provide!”

The devastating coronavirus pandemic, which has killed 176,000 people in the U.S. as of Monday with case counts still growing, has created a minefield, on social media and in everyday life, for people still traveling or planning trips. 

Travelers have to tiptoe around the topic, emphasize every safety measure taken or keep the trip secret for fear of critics questioning their common sense, priorities, and morals or character. 

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