Five More States Added to New York’s Travel Restrictions List

Formerly an epicenter of infection during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in America, New York State is now among the choosiest in the nation about whom it will allow to enter its borders without restrictions.

In a joint effort with its Tri-State neighbors, New Jersey and Connecticut, enacted in June, New York has maintained a running list of U.S. states from which inbound visitors are required to complete a 14-day quarantine upon arrival, regardless of their method of travel. The criteria to determine high-risk states is a positive testing rate higher than ten in every 100,000 residents or a testing positivity rates of higher than ten percent, each measured on a seven-day, rolling average.

As of this morning, per an announcement made by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office, Arizona, Nevada, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Wyoming have surpassed the threshold and been added to New York’s quarantine travel restrictions list. All except Wyoming had already made the list previously but dropped off once their COVID-19 case rates decreased sufficiently.

The list has now swollen to 35 total U.S. states and territories. As of September 22, these are as follows:

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An updated list can always be found on the New York State website.

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